In our newest “Ask the Expert”, Manuel wants to know why his garage door opener in the Villages is operating when his neighbor uses his own garage door remote.  We sent this question to our garage door pro, Derek, who has been servicing the Villages communities for nearly 5 years now! Check out what he had to say and if you have a question you’d like one of our pros to answer, send us a message through our Florida Garage Door Pros Contact Page!


Q: Hi, I live in the Villages and my garage door opens every time my neighbor uses his garage door remote. Why is this happening and how do I stop it?

A: Thanks for sending in your question Manuel. So this particular issue is fairly common in your area and has to do with the garage door openers installed in that area. This typically happens with your MVP Garage Door Openers because they are on a fixed code system. This allows other remotes to accidentally link to the same model opener. The easiest way to try and fix this issue is by pressing and holding down the ‘learn button’ in the little circle of your wall station. Hold it until the light on your garage door opener attached to your ceiling shuts off. This will eliminate all remotes linked to your garage door opener. So now you need to reprogram your existing garage door remotes.

Press that same little circle in the middle of your wall station and let go as soon as the garage door opener light comes on. (Again, the light on the opener on your ceiling). Then press what button you want to program on your garage door remote. The light on your opener, (on the ceiling) will click off and back on again. This tells you that your garage door remote was successfully programmed.

Just repeat the programming steps for each additional remote you have. And now your neighbor’s garage door remote will no longer open your garage door.

If you choose to replace your garage door opener to upgrade to a rolling code technology, we suggest the Linear LDCO800. With this rolling code technology, every time you push the garage door remote button, it changes the code that links your remote to your opener. This prevents other remotes from ever linking to your garage door opener.

Hope this helps! And if you’d like some in person assistance, give us a call and we’ll send your local garage door pro, Derek, right over!