How to Make Sure Your Garage Door Opener is Safe!

Test Your Safety Reverse System
Your Garage Door Opener should have a built-in safety reverse system that will allow the garage door to automatically reverse if it encounters unusual force. The best way to test if your garage opener is properly operating is to lay a 2×4 on the garage floor and close your garage door opener with your remote. When the door makes contact with the board, it should reverse back to open. If it does not, your safety reverse system is not working and needs to be evaluated by a garage door professional IMMEDIATELY!

Test your Safety Sensors
All new garage door openers come with safety sensors, also known as photo eyes. These eyes are attached to the bottom of your garage door track and transmit an infrared beam from one to the other. If there is a break in the beam, the garage door opener will not close. Instead it will move a few inches toward close, then quickly reverse back to open. Usually followed by a loud continuous beep and blinking lights to inform you there is something in the way of the infrared beam. To test this feature, place a box in between the safety sensors and attempt to close your garage opener with your remote. If it reverses quickly, it is working. If it attempts to close like normal, quickly press the remote again to reverse the door, and then call a garage door professional right away to diagnose the failure.

Check Your Wall Panel, Remotes and Keypad
All 3 of these should be able to quickly reverse the garage door when pressed during operation. In order to check these items, press one of them to begin garage door opener operation, and once the garage door is halfway open or close, press the button on the transmitter or wall panel again to reverse the garage door.

Ensure Your Garage Opener Has an Emergency Release
Every garage door opener should have a red cord and handle that hangs from the opener’s trolley. This handle, when pulled, disengages the opener from the garage door. This allows you to manually open and close the garage door. This is extremely useful in the event of a power failure and you need to either secure your home or get out quickly. To check this, make sure your garage door is closed, find the red cord and handle, and pull down to disengage. Once disengaged, attempt to lift garage door. If your garage door is not disengaging and able to use manually, call a garage door company immediately. Additionally, if you can lift your garage door BUT it feels very heavy, call a garage door professional as it means your garage door is not properly balanced and could be close to major failure.

If this all seems overwhelming to you then rest assured your local Florida Garage Door Pro can handle this for you! We offer some incredible deals on Garage Door Tune-Ups and Safety Inspections. Just give us a call to schedule!