Whether you use your garage for storage, living space, or as a normal garage for your car, one thing ALL of us Floridians can agree on.. it’s too hot out there! Every summer it seems to get hotter and hotter. With more people working from home than ever before, the garage is becoming a literal hot spot for most families. Here are a few ways your favorite garage door company can help combat the heat and humidity in your garage!

– New Insulated Garage Doors
The first way is the most obvious, upgrade your garage door to an insulated garage door! A high R-value insulated garage door can keep your garage up to 25 degrees cooler in the summer. Haas Garage Doors uses an environmentally compliant polyurethane insulation in between the garage door panels along with a full thermal break to ensure your insulated garage doors achieve maximum R-value!

– Garage Door Insulation Kit
A cheaper, albeit less effective, way to help cool your garage is to insulate your existing garage door. Garage door insulation kits are available from local big box retail stores as well as your local garage door companies. These kits are made of rigid foam panels and cut to size on site so they fit your specific garage door. When it comes to cooling your garage during the hot Florida summers, every little bit helps!

– Garage Door Weather Seals
No matter which way you choose to insulate your garage, air gaps will prevent you from achieving maximum return on investment. Ensuring your garage door bottom rubber seal is not missing or damaged will ensure a full complete seal when your garage door is closed. Additionally, any air gaps on the sides or top of your garage door should be sealed with a vinyl garage door trim to ensure when your door is closed, it is 100% sealed from the outside!

If you’re interested in cooling your garage, and ultimately your house by contact, give the Pros a call for a full evaluation and free estimate!