How to Get the Best Return on Your New Garage Door Investment
Replacing your garage door is consistently ranked as the highest return on investment project a homeowner can complete. Here’s some tips to help you maximize that return!

Maximize Curb Appeal
You don’t have to own the most expensive garage door in the neighborhood to have the best looking garage door. Work with a professional garage door consultant to ensure your new garage door design matches your home aesthetics in both design and color. Additionally, you can add items such as decorative hardware to really maximize your garage door’s curb appeal. A Garage Door Pro can be helpful in selecting the right options and design that will help optimize your return on investment.

Choose an Insulated Garage Door
An insulated garage door can help lower your electric bill as well as expand the living space of your home. Some homeowners choose to turn their garage into another room or workshop and having an insulated garage door is key to creating a livable garage area in Florida. Additionally, an insulated garage door will help prevent your stored items from being excessively damaged due to the summer Florida heat!

Upgrade to a Garage Door With Windows
You can add insulated, and tinted, windows to your garage door to finalize both the functionality and wow factor of your new garage door. Not only will adding glass to your garage door optimize the curb appeal, but it will also allow much needed light into your garage area. This natural light helps this space to appear larger than actual square footage.

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, give Florida Garage Door Pros a call for a free estimate. Not only is our staffed highly experienced in helping homeowners design new garage doors, but our business is also state licensed, bonded, and insured. So after you’ve designed your new garage door, you can trust that it will be installed correctly and to code!