Live in Florida long enough and it’s pretty much guaranteed you WILL encounter a hurricane as a homeowner at some point! Upgrading your garage door is the best investment you can make to protect your home from the high winds of a hurricane! Check out the 3 biggest reasons why you NEED a hurricane-rated garage door today!

  1. It’s the biggest opening in your home!

Your garage door is the largest opening in your house! This makes it also one of, if not the most vulnerable points of your home. Changing windows and entry doors are great steps to protecting your home, but if you don’t change your garage door first, it’s all for naught. Since your garage opening is the weakest point of your hurricane security, it should be the first step to upgrade your protection!

2. Regular garage doors are not made to withstand high winds!

During high winds, regular garage doors are known to buckle and collapse. Once this happens, it allows the wind to enter your garage and can cause significant changes in air pressure inside your home! Hurricane-rated garage doors are designed specially to withstand high winds and are reinforced with steel struts to prevent the door panels from buckling.

3. Losing your garage door can cause you to lose your roof!

Once you lose your garage door, the air pressure inside of your garage is dramatically impacted. This buildup of air pressure in your garage is one of the main reasons a home’s roof is blown off. The air pressure pushes up into the bottom of the roof causing it to blow right off your home. Keeping your garage door intact is the most crucial component to ensuring you are protecting your roof in a storm!

If you’re unsure of whether or not your home has a hurricane-rated garage door, give us a call for a free evaluation today!