Benefits of a Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener 


The idea of a smart WiFi garage door opener is not a new concept but is becoming more popular as brands integrate from a standard hand remote powered start to app capable control. WiFi capable is the most commonly requested upgrade when considering a newer model garage door opener. These garage door openers link up to the WiFi signal in your home and are controlled by your smart phone or tablet. There are many benefits to upgrading your outdated machine to a new smart WiFi garage door opener


How often do you turn the corner on your street and wonder if you shut the garage door behind you? Following the trend of cell phone controlled lights, front door locks and air conditioning at your fingertips, you never have to worry about leaving your home unsecured again. With the ease compared to opening a text message you can see if your garage door is open or closed at any given time.


Has your hand held garage door remote ever used up all of its battery life leaving you clicking a dead button with no way to get in the garage? With a cell phone in arms reach at all times, access to the inside of your garage has never been easier. When a garage door remote dies, and there is no wireless keypad outside of the door, there is no opening the garage door from the outside. One should always have a back up plan in case the day comes they are locked out of the house! 


Are you concerned with who is accessing your garage and when? As most garages are attached to the home, many families use it as a main entrance. Many of these new products can help you track the activity going on with the garage door opening and closing. You even have access to locks that can ensure that no one is getting in without your consent. If you have someone visiting that does not have a key, you can also allow them in from the convenience of your phone application. When you go out of town you can set up temporary wireless entry, to allow a house sitter or family in, that can be shut off upon your return 


Merely giving you a new sense of relief that you have full control of the biggest opening to your home is worth the investment to this new technology. Check out our lineup of Smart WiFi Garage Door Openers and give us a call to set up your appointment for a free estimate with one of our technicians!