When we talk about Garage Door Safety, we usually mention noisy doors, frayed cables, and safety sensors not working. We want to talk about a different kind of garage door safety today. This is the garage door safety article that can help prevent you from becoming a real victim of a major crime.

garage door safety

Almost everyone that owns a garage door, also has a garage door opener. A large percentage of homeowners with a garage door opener, keep their garage door remote in their vehicle. Criminals know this, and they look for it to take advantage of your vulnerability. One of the easiest ways for a criminal to gain access to your home, is with your garage door opener. There is story after story of someone leaving their garage door remote in their vehicle only to fall prey to criminals looking for an opportunity.

Thieves Use Garage Door Opener In Unlocked Van To Rob Garage

-Police Issue Warnings After Vehicle Break Ins

Increase In Garage Door Remote Burglaries

This is quickly becoming a scary trend among burglaries. Criminals are breaking into cars, locating their garage door remote, then walking right into someone’s house. There’s no forced entry into the home. Nobody walking around the house looking for unlocked doors or windows that can alert your neighbors to suspicious activity. Just open your garage door and walk right in.

Another aspect to this type of crime, are people stealing garage door remotes from cars, or golf carts, while you’re enjoying a meal at a local restaurant or running errands. If you have a vehicle registration in your car, all they need is to take a picture of your address, take your remote, and at any point they can access your home.

The most effective way to counter this type of crime is to use a keychain garage door remote. Same function as your regular garage door remote, but instead of staying in your car, it goes with you garage door keychain remotewherever you go. It completely eliminates the ability for someone to perpetrate this crime. If you eliminate your handheld garage door remote, don’t use your car’s preprogrammed remote, and only stick to a keychain garage door remote, then you’ve done your part to ensure you and your family are safe from falling victims to an easy crime.

Garage Door Safety isn’t always just about making sure your safety sensors are functioning correctly. Sometimes it’s a much bigger picture that includes keeping your family and home protected.