Teaching children garage door safety is very important. Showing them a few things to look out for and how to properly use a garage door could save them from major injury. Warmer weather is here and your garage space will be used more frequently now. Most bicycles, scooters and sports equipment are stored in the garage. When walking in and out they should learn to avoid bumping the garage door opener’s safety sensors. The sensors are located near the ground on either side of the opening. Even slightly tapping them can affect their function. They are there to tell the door to stop if a child or pet is under the door when closing.

When putting toys away, teach the child to avoid leaving items under the open door. Knowing to keep items clear from the garage door’s path is a very important lesson.  If a door were to close on a bicycle or a baseball bat leaning against the rails, it could throw the whole garage door off track and possibly break the torsion springs or snap the lift cables. 

A standard garage door can weigh hundreds of pounds and can easily fall off of the tracks and onto cars or worse. While some problems may seem minor, they can become dangerous very quickly. If the garage opener is not responding to the button being pushed, we recommend not pushing it over and over again as it is a sign that something is usually broken and can cause more damage. 

Pulling the emergency cord is an easy way to disengage the opener allowing the door to be opened manually. It is recommended that this is done by an adult or with adult supervision. 

Garage doors are responsible for up to 30,000 injuries a year. Most of those injuries are to children. We can significantly lower that number with education and awareness of the dangers they can cause

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