Garage Door Screens come in many different shapes and forms. The right garage door screen for you should allow you to open and close your garage door without interference. The proper screen should provide protection from bugs as well as easy access to your garage. We’ll go over a few different styles of garage door screens available for you along with the pros and cons of each!

sliding garage screen

Slider Garage Screen

The most common garage door screen you’ll see is the widely used slider screen. This style of garage screen uses four panels that slide along an aluminum track that is bolted to your garage floor. The positive of a slider garage screen is that it is generally the least expensive, professional garage screen you can find. The negatives, however, far outweigh the cost savings. The largest downside to this style is that it can not be moved completely out of the entrance to your garage, thus eliminating your ability to use half of your garage entry way. The other large negative is the required maintenance and constant upkeep due to the abuse of driving over the sliding tracks. For these reasons, we strongly discourage customers from pursuing a slider style garage screen door.

lifestyle garage screen

Lifestyle Manual Pull Down Screen

A relatively new comer to the garage screen market are Lifestyle garage screen doors. This one piece garage screen requires attaching additional tracks to your existing garage door. This garage screen sits just below your garage door and is pulled down manually with pull ropes. The positive of this screen is that is does have an entry way door that allows you to walk into the garage without raising the screen. The negative is that the garage door can not function without the garage screen being moved out of the way prior. Additionally, this style of garage screen does not seal as well as a custom fit garage door screen.

retractable garage screen

Retractable Motorized Garage Screen

The top style of garage door screen available today is the retractable motorized garage screen. This style of garage screen operates on tracks inside of your garage opening and rolls up into a small tube at the top of the opening. Due to the separate track system and retractable style, this garage screen does not interfere with your garage door and still allows you to have full use of your entire garage entrance. This style of screen also offers a large variety of colors for both the housing and the screen. While the retractable motorized screen may not be the cheapest, it comes with the widest variety, best range of use, and best warranties in the garage screen market.

If you’re looking for a new garage door screen, give us a call today for a free estimate. We’ll send one of our Pros to your home to take measurements and provide you with a free written quote. All of our garage screens are custom made to fit your home to ensure for the best seal and long term use!