If you’re in need of a garage door you may find it more difficult to find these days than years prior. Over the past couple of years the garage door industry has had our supply chain continuously disrupted due to Covid, high tariffs, and a shortage of raw material. Replacing your garage door was once a project that required virtually no planning. Local distributors had plentiful stock and the wait time for having a new garage door installed was minimal.

These days, you may be frustrated to learn as you gather quotes for your new garage door that most companies are working with lead times in the months. Some garage door companies are not able to install a new garage door for over 8 months! This is a very real problem in the garage door industry as these articles openly explain.

Over the past few years, Florida Garage Door Pros has positioned itself as a leader in the garage door industry. We have strategically partnered with vendors to overcome many of the burdens facing other door companies today. Through these unique vendor partnerships we are able to deliver new garage doors and other garage door parts for immediate service! Where most of the industry is quoting 6-8 months for a standard garage door to be installed, we are able to install standard doors in as little as a few days.

When other garage door companies are special ordering parts that take 8-12 weeks for delivery, our technicians have fully stocked service vehicles and are completing same day garage door repairs and garage opener installations!

Our staff at Florida Garage Door Pros has worked hard to put our business a position to continue to provide the same fast, quality garage door service to our customers today that we delivered prior to the supply chain disruption.

If you know someone in the market for a new garage door, opener, screen, or repairs, tell them to give us a call! As it has always been and always will be, we provide a free estimate on all of our services! Call Today!