Memorial Day is fast approaching. It is a solemn day we have chosen in remembrance of our fallen soldiers that have died serving in the American Armed Forces The first national celebration took place May 30, 1868, at Arlington National Cemetery. Memorial Day was established three years after the end of the Civil War by the head of the Union veterans and made a Federal Holiday in 1971.

Unlike the years prior where we have gathered in masses to place flags at our National Cemeteries, grilled hot dogs and spent the day with friends and family, this year may be the start of new traditions. As we all have been united in separation by this world wide epidemic, time is something we have all been given to reflect on our way of life. These rights that have been sometimes overlooked and taken for granted have been once again pushed to the forefront of our discussions about the course of our country. Taking a moment this Memorial Day to truly think about what our heroes fought and died for may help us all to put things into perspective. Maybe this year since a day out of the office and at home is not just an extended 3 day weekend, but a new normal for most of us, we can spend the day looking towards the future when we can once again be together grilling, playing and enjoying the freedoms we have been given. 

Everyday our soldiers risk their lives as the thousands have before them to ensure we remain the Land of the Free. We extend our thanks and appreciation to the United States Military, the men and women who have lost their lives and the families affected daily by the loss. From our family to yours, Thank You.