How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last?

Your typical garage door spring has an average life of 10,000 cycles. That means you can open and close your garage door up to 10,000 times before you will need to worry about replacing your garage door spring. If you use your garage door once per day, that is a lifespan of 14 years! However, if you use your garage door as your main entry point to your home, you will drastically lower the lifespan of your garage door spring to as little as 3-4 years!

Additionally, there are other sources that will influence the life of your garage door spring.Garage Door Springs

Rust plays a HUGE factor in the life of a garage door spring. If you live near coastal waters or have a water softener or pool chemicals in your garage, your garage door spring is highly susceptible to rusting. The faster your spring rusts, the shorter the garage springs lifespan.

Another item that greatly influences your garage door spring life is the weight of your door. The added pressure from a heavier garage door can shorten the lifespan of your garage springs considerably. Rust and excessive weight are two items that homeowners in Florida can expect to have a great impact on the life of their garage door springs.

When it’s time to replace your garage door springs?

Your garage door spring should be replaced when they are no longer capable of lifting your garage door properly. In order to check the balance of your garage door springs, disengage your garage door opener from your garage door and lift your garage door halfway. When you let go of the door, your garage door should stay right where it’s at. If it falls, or feels heavy to lift, your garage springs are fatigued and you should have someone look at them right away!

If you feel that your garage door springs are near the end of their life cycle, give Florida Garage Door Pros a call today! We will diagnose and price your repair for no charge, 7 days a week!