Convert your garage into an office

Many of us have had to get used to a new normal over the past year, and that’s working from home! The need for office space has become a big priority for homeowners now. What better space to utilize than your garage!? Here’s a couple of tips to help you convert your garage into a new office space!


Invest in some storage to declutter your garage! A clean area with well stored items will help you feel less anxious while you’re working! The top of your cabinets also gives you a great spot to utilize for pictures, plants, and anything else you would normally keep in your office!


Installing some new flooring in your garage can go a long way to making your office feel a bit more normal. Garage carpet will not only help with comfort, but also help keep your garage warm during cooler months! If you still plan on parking in your garage, we recommend checking out Garage Grip!

Garage Door!

If you’re serious about turning your garage into an office, a new insulated garage door may be in your near future! Insulated garage doors aren’t just for cold states! Having an insulated garage door in Florida will make a dramatic difference on not only the temperature of your garage, but also your electric bill! An insulated garage door will also allow you to add an A/C unit to your new office!

Garage Screen!

You’re in your new office, it’s clean, it’s organized. You have your shoes off because it’s carpeted. You’ve got about 4 hours left of work and it’s one of those days you just wish you could be outside. Problem solved with a new garage door screen! Install a motorized screen and now you can enjoy the outside without the bugs! Make it a privacy screen and nobody will even see you in there!

We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of life and our professional careers are no different! If your future means working from home, consider some of these options to help make your new office more comfortable than your last!